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Latest from the Blog

We Miss Each Other

Now that the parks are virtually empty, restaurants are closed, barber shops chairs unoccupied, maybe we will began to Truly miss each other. It’s early in Houston, Texas and it’s unusually cold. The conversations that usually take place in the parks about subjects such as politics, the scandals in and around town at the parkContinue reading “We Miss Each Other”

I still need to see Paris

I still need to see and experience Paris, the great city! Musicians, poets, artists have all boasted of its beauty and culture. Life is about moments of exploration, and excitement of what’s next. So much of the excitement of life has been drained due the emergence of this present virus, everywhere you look everything youContinue reading “I still need to see Paris”

24 Hours in London

It was just 24 hours in London,  but it was a day when no one reminded me that I was black, just 24 hours mind you. Just a day where I traveled through neighborhoods such as Hammersmith, West Kensington, without dealing with people who said I was out of place in their community!Of course itContinue reading “24 Hours in London”

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